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Year 2 Homework

New Learning - 08.06.2020

Please see below the new letter that explains the next instalment of home learning for Year 2. In this letter, the children have not yet covered the writing or maths learning and so they will need support with this. The science and art tasks also introduce new concepts. The reading task involving an investigation of non-fiction books has been covered by some children. Your child therefore may need support with this as well.


New tasks have been assigned on Mathletics, including an arithmetic test in the style of the KS1 SATs. Well done to the 19/30 children who are using it regularly at the moment. I am so pleased with the certificates you are achieving. It would be great if we could get the participation up even more to 30/30!

 New letter from Mr Emanuel-8th June 2020


Please use this game to practise the ordering of different capacities. Once on the webpage, please select the capacity tab and then choose 'Up to 100ml'.

Capacity game


Please use this game to practise reading the scale on a container. You can practise giving answers in steps of 10ml and 100ml

Reading scales game


A short video about expanded noun phrases.


A drawing for the class from one of the children. Hopefully we will see each other soon.



New learning- 18.05.2020


 Thank you to the families who have already completed the pupil view with their child. Below is a copy of the document:

Pupil View 2020


Please see the new letter below. In addition, there are new tasks assigned on Mathletics. 


In this letter the children have covered the writing tasks. The children had a small amount of teaching on 3D shapes but much of this will be new to them. They should, however, be confident with their 2,5,10 and 3 times tables. The children may need some more support with the division facts related to these times tables. The R.E. task is a new activity, however we have had discussions on forgiveness before. The science learning is a continuation from the last letter. The reading task is a new skill for the children and they may need some support for this.


New Letter from Mr Emanuel - 18th May 2020


R.E. - A video about forgiveness


Have a go at this fun challenge to help you learn about the properties of 3D shapes. This requires Adobe Flash.

A fun 3D shape mission game!


Use this to practise your tone and value and use cross-hatching to shade in the cone.

A fun art task

An optional extra piece of maths work, should your child need it.

Missing number sentences






New Learning - 04.05.2020

Please see the new letter below. In addition, there are new tasks assigned on Mathletics. Below are also three new videos for the children in the box underneath.


On this letter the children have covered all the writing tasks, however our learning on rhyming words was just taught once so they may need recapping on this. The design technology learning has been covered. The science and maths learning has not yet been covered. The summarising task for the reading has been covered but the children have not yet practised speaking a summary out loud.


Thank you for the continued feedback. Your messages of gratitude and praise are so appreciated and I am full of appreciation for everything you are doing to support your children as well. One family mentioned their child is really enjoying doing creative tasks as well as the written and maths tasks so I have put an optional art task below to complete. I have also included some additional maths with word problems involving fractions, should your child need it.


New letter from Mr Emanuel- 4th May 2020


Online resource for teaching time- both analogue and digital


On this game, please choose number 4 'Read time to the nearest 5 minutes' and then select the 12 hour clock mode. You can practise numbers 1-3 as well and build up to number 4. Telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes can be something to work towards for those who are finding it difficult.


Telling the time matching game- digital time


Have a go at this art task as a bit of fun. Try to add shading use cross-hatching, like we learnt in the Autumn Term. As an extra challenge, please give your dog a speech bubble saying a message for Year 2. I would love to see photos of the finished product.

Fun Art Task

Optional additional learning- word problems involving fractions



New Videos- A Message From Mr Emanuel and Mrs Willis and A Story Read By Mr Emanuel. Also A tour of the school from george, the dog.







New Learning - 20.04.2020

The new letter is in the box below.


Thank you to the parents who gave feedback. One family asked if I could inform parents what has been covered already in Year 2 and what has not, which was a great suggestion. On this letter, the children have covered all the writing skills. In Maths, telling the time has not been covered yet in Year 2 so this will be new to them, however they would have learnt how to tell the time to the nearest hour and half past and quarter past the hour in Year 1. The children have covered parts of a plant in Science. The R.E. is a new task, yet revisits an objective from our Gospel strand, which looks at the Christian belief that Jesus is Good News for humanity. The Romans has been covered in Year 2, however the children have not yet been introduced to Medusa. Please see below on this webpage, where I have written some general tips for helping your child at home. It is called 'Top Tips For Conducive Home Learning'.


New tasks on Mathletics have now been assigned and I have put a link below with some interactive maths tasks.


Resources- 20.04.2020









Please kindly talk with your child about their learning and record their comments on the document below. I have put some ideas of what to ask your child on the document.

Pupil View 2020

On the link below please focus on these tasks for now:

  • Write the time
  • Maths crosswords
  • 'Maths worksheets by Noura' (column addition)
  • How Much Money?

Interactive maths tasks (no need to print off)

Telling the time quiz

A selection of time games

 Top Tips For Conducive Home Learning:

  • Little and often is best. Try to do 20-30 minutes sessions a few times a day, Monday to Friday. E.g 9-9:30, 11-11:30 and 2-2:30pm.
  • Think of good brain food to help concentration. Oats in the morning, protein at lunch time and water to drink.
  • Offer the children a reward to work towards if they achieve the target you have set for them. Perhaps extra gaming or TV time if they do all the sessions of learning.
  • Please do encourage the children to put pencil to paper, if at all possible. It strengthens their hand muscles and develops further fine motor skills such as pencil control.
  • Remember to be kind to yourselves and feel good about what you are doing to support your child. You are having a great impact!


Videos From Mr Emanuel to support learning










 Letter from Mr Emanuel - 18th March 2020 


Please click on this link and download the pdf versions of past SATs papers for Year 2These give a good idea of what your child should know by the summer term. Focus on the maths papers and the reading papers. The children do not have a time restriction when doing their SATs in school so please do not worry about timing them.



 Voices Foundation - Singing Assembly

You Can't Take an Elephant on a Bus - a book read by Mrs Betteridge

My Strong Mind- a book read by Mrs Betteridge

Stuck - a book read by Mrs Betteridge

Denver - a book read by Mrs Betteridge


 1000s of books (most are audio) from Accelerated Reader.


A daily audio story from David Walliams. Free for 30 days. Useful for before bedtime perhaps.


Daily exercise video with Joe Wicks. A healthy lifestyle specialist.


Use Hit The Button for times tables but also division and doubling. Please focus on the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables

Hit The Button


Click on the link below to practise the times tables in a range of ways. Please focus on the 2,5,10 and 3 times tables.

Times Tables Practice


Click on this link for a wide range of interactive activities where the children can complete the tasks online. For now please focus on 'There is/There are', 'Am, Is, Are', 'Was or Were' which are all on page 1 of the website. Although it is mainly English based there are some good maths resources too. The 'What's The Time?' activity is good for teaching time.

Interactive English Activities- Punctuation and Grammar


This link gives good ideas for experiments to do at home which are not too difficult. Experiment 1, 19 and 20 links with Year 2 science. Experiment 1 for minibeasts and their microhabitats, experiment 19 for different materials and their properties and experiment 20 for plants.

Science Experiments to try at home